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We make LNG carriers our business
and sustainable shipping our mission

Welcome to the official site of AEX LNG Management!
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AEX LNG Management is a specialist ship manager dedicated to the newbuilding supervision and full technical management of LNG carriers for third-party shipowners worldwide.

Based in Singapore, the company is a joint venture between Anglo-Eastern Univan Group ("Anglo-Eastern") and EXMAR Ship Management ("EXMAR"), two of the leading names in ship management and LNG ship management, with more than 80 years of combined experience.

Through EXMAR’s niche expertise in the LNG sector and Anglo-Eastern's systems, resources and global reach, AEX LNG Management offers shipowners a unique and competitive platform for dedicated LNG ship management solutions that leverages the synergy of both parent companies.

Our capabilities encompass all facets of ship management, from full technical management and crew management to training and development, in addition to newbuilding planning and supervision.

Why AEX LNG Management?

Anglo-Eastern is the world's largest technical ship manager, with some 640 vessels in operation and a network of in-house maritime training centres equipped with state-of-the-art simulators. EXMAR offers niche expertise and leadership in the upstream, midstream and downstream maritime LNG sectors. As the 'offspring' of both, AEX LNG Management is uniquely positioned to tap the best of Anglo-Eastern and EXMAR for a competitive synergy that is unparalleled to none.

Respect, care and compassion for one another makes for a safe and enjoyable environment, both at sea and ashore. Testament to this is our high crew and employee retention rates. Furthermore, our depth of crewing expertise and training solutions are of the highest level.

We firmly believe in restricting and reducing the environmental footprint of global shipping. Corporate social responsibility is embedded into all aspects of our shipping value chain. We also value equality and fairness – seafarers are major stakeholders and at the heart of what we do.

Our global logistics network is second to none in the industry, and our large supplier base and purchasing power contribute to improved quality, efficiencies and competitiveness for our customers.





Our dedicated onsite newbuilding supervision team closely monitors the progress, safety and quality of construction projects from specification review to delivery. Through our expertise, local know-how and established track record with shipyards in Asia, we provide a seamless ship construction journey.



We offer full technical management to the highest safety standards. Our in-house team of LNG experts are passionate about what they do, and understand the need for operating efficiency and commercial success without any compromise to safety and quality, taking a holistic view to ship management.



With direct access to comprehensive crew management expertise, systems and resources, we provide crewing solutions to the highest standards, from recruitment, briefings, travel logistics, medical and payroll to management, training and further development.



Upskilling and refresher courses at dedicated training centres equipped with state-of-the-art simulators and other training facilities are regularly provided and encouraged to ensure crew always have the right knowledge, skills and abilities to manage ships safely and efficiently.



AEX LNG Management
#13-06 Southpoint
200 Cantonment Road
Singapore 089763


T. +65 6202 1395
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